Privacy policy

At, we value the important of our customers' privacy. Our privacy policy is listed detail below, we encourage you to take a closer look and understanding how we use user's information.

Information you provide

When users access our site, they will provide information like typically name, address, phone number, email, profile picture, social network, ID from supplier…

Information we collect

User’s IP will be automatically collected through 3rd party tools, plugins, platforms, or social networks. Whenever user access to, these IP address information as well as cookies are collected. You can choose not to receive newsletters and advertisements on the website if you don't want your information to be collected.

How we use your information

The information mentioned above is used to recommend you the lastest and the most suitable products. With the information you provide, our website will learn the tendency, the trend in your searching behaviour and help you find the most relevant products. Moreover, it also protect users from cyber threats.

Chatbot feature

Our chatbot feature also collect your IP data. With the information when you logged in with Facebook Messenger, you can receive promotion information and newsletter. At the same time, we also distribute relevant information through chatbot and your Facebook ID with your interests and searching behaviors.

Cookie, web beacons, and third party cookies

Cookies are used to collected information of how visitors use services on our website. 

You will see these policies on almost all websites on the internet today. Apart from cookies, the web beacons and third party tracking tools are also used when you access our website.


Our website containt links to other websites or application. However, these links are always subject to the privacy policies. 


One of the crucial privacy policies at MacinSeach is that we don't allow children under 13 to visit our websites. All information data related to children are forbidden and we will eliminate these information as soon as it appears on MacinSearch. Please notify us if there is any information about children under 13.

Information security

We understand that Internet security is a vital element when creating a website and we strictly adhere to all user protection rules and standards. However, as our limited facilities, we can’t assure 100% to protect users from every threats.


With all the problems come up between us and users, the regulator will be the third-party to assure objectivity.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google can use user's cookies to provide suitable advertising. If you do not want ads from Google, you can also deny Google's privacy policy with the link:

Our Advertising Partners

Users need to understand that Cookies and Web beacons are used on our websites. Still, they don’t have any major effect beside providing advertising.

Amazon Associates Program

As a collaborator of The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, we can earn commission when users make a purchase through links in some articles. This earning can help us to maintain the website and provide you with more useful reviews.

Changes to this privacy policy

All privacy policies on our website are subject to change at any time without notice. You accept this in our privacy policy when you interact and use MacinSearch's services.

However, with major IP changes, a notice may be sent to users by e-mail or on this website. Privacy policies have also changed with the development of the website. It is therefore essential for you to aware of change in privacy policy. We are not responsible of notifying users so please contact us for lastest privacy policy’s updates.