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Best Underwater Camera Under 200$ to buy in June 2021

MacinSearch's reviewers and experts has collected 13,166 objective reviews from many customers and with a little help from our editor, we have ranked 15 Best Underwater Camera Under 200$ that you may be fancy. You will see some major brands such as: S & P Safe and Perfect, YISENCE, Dragon Touch, GENEINNO, MEIKON, GordVE, HolaFoto, Vbestlife, Sea frogs, Ikelite, VanTop, seafrogs.

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    Sea frogs
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    S & P Safe and Perfect
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Cameramen, especially Youtubers, usually come across situations when you have to put your camera in danger. Taking a slow-mo explosion video for example, you can’t put your camera near the explosion because it would cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, making the camera that can withstand extreme conditions such as being underwater, would satisfy everyone’s needs. 

Nowadays, GoPro has been on trends since its very beginning for the high-quality images, the ability to endure most extreme conditions, and the portability. However, a GoPro is usually priced more than 200. In this article, we will talk about the best underwater camera under 200$ you can order online. Now, take a look at the best underwater cameras under 200 with the following suggestions from our experts.

Buying Guides:

1. Waterproof and dust resistance

Let’s talk about the most important thing for an underwater camera: waterproof.

Waterproofing and dust resistance are extremely useful when you need to use your camera under extreme or hard circumstances. Filming underwater or on a plane is now becoming the new trend in the world. Here’s the description of some IP ratings on waterproof and dust-resistance capability:

  • IP4*: The device with IP4* rating can resist against wires, screws, or ants

  • IP5*: The device can handle some of the dust. It is not promised that none of the dust can get inside, but most of them.

  • IP6*: The device is protected against dust. With this rating, you should have no worries about dust getting inside your device

  • IP*6: The device can withstand a powerful water jet

  • IP*7: The device can handle being submerged under water at 1 meter for 30 minutes

  • IP*8:  The device can be submerged at 1.5 meters for an hour without any damage to the components inside

  • IP*9K: The device can handle a very powerful water jet that sprays water at very hot or very cold temperature.

For example, if your camera is rated IP67, that means it can handle all the dust and being submerged 1 meter under water for 30 minutes.

2. The slow-motion

As a camera for actions, a slow-motion feature is essential. You never know if you need to slow down the motion for a more dramatic feel. These are the most popular camera frame rates out there: 

  • 120 fps: A pretty high frame rate that would satisfy any normal or average use of shooting a video

  • 240 fps: The lowest frame rate for professional slow-motion video shooting

  • 1000 fps: An okay value of frame rate that could make you see slow bullets or chemical reactions

  • 10000 fps: Enough to see a dynamite explosion, or some high-speed cars or birds

  • 100000 fps: High enough to see the fastest-moving bullets in the world that move faster than the speed of sound.

What you should know before buying a slow-motion camera is that the higher the frame rate is, the lower the resolution turns out, and the more light it requires to film. Therefore, think thoroughly about that before making a purchase.

3. The frame rate

The frame rate only applies when you try to shoot a video with your camera. While the shutter speed is how fast the sensor can do the job, it isn’t entirely all the frame rate is dependent on. The frame rate also depends on how fast or how quick the sensor can get ready to do the next frame again after completing the last job. 

Brands often try to solve the resolution by offering options for the frame rate and the resolution. If you try to set the frame rate to a very high value, which means the sensor has to do the capturing over and over again in a very short time, the resolution is automatically lowered; vice versa, when the frame rate is low, the sensor allows the resolution to be higher.

4. The battery

Taking your camera out to the field, all you need is a battery. A camera might use one of the following types of battery:

  • A and AAA battery: The battery for old cameras and remote control, which is rare at the moment

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery: This is popular because of the smartphone era. The camera usually uses the same charger as your smartphone and the same type of battery. Li-ion features the advantage of being small and charging faster, but not holding the energy for too long.

  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery: Liti-Polymer batteries work better in terms of shapes and energy storing time. A Li-Po battery would hold the same capacity over months when a Li-Ion battery would lose most of them in weeks. Li-Po batteries can also be made to be extremely flat.

Please refer to our guide in order to keep your battery safe and last long over time.

5. Additional features

In the evolution of cameras, new features are being added everyday. Below is the list of additional features for your cameras, and we’ll keep adding over time:

  • Tripod compatibility: A tripod is a special device, or “stand” to help your camera stand still and stable. Tripod compatibility is one of the essential features.

  • HDR integration: Instead of 8-bit color representation, HDR uses 10 bits for more color depth, color accuracy and color tones.

Additional screen or rotatable screen: Extremely useful when you have to take a selfie or a video filming yourself without help from other people.

The Best Underwater Cameras Under 200$ for 2021

1. Action Camera, XTU 4K60FPS 20MP WiFi

Action Camera, XTU 4K60FPS 20MP WiFi shows itself as one of the best underwater cameras under 200, for its design and features. The camera is capable of capturing 4K video resolution with 8 times of digital zoom and 8 times of optical zoom. It comes with two displays, one on the back and one on the front. 

The XTU X1 action camera is tested to be waterproof up to 5 meters under water without external case. If the seal or the case is included into the camera, it can withstand 40 meters deep of water. 

There is an Electronic Image Stabilizer to stabilize the video, which is great for filming sports or experiments under water. The camera is equipped with Wi-Fi connection to share images and videos, along with the 1350mAh battery.

  • 8x optical zoom.

  • 5 meters without case and 50 meters with case underwater protection.

  • 1350mAh battery.

2. AKASO V50 Elite 4K60fps Touch Screen WiFi Action Camera

AKASO V50 Elite 4K60fps Touch Screen WiFi Action Camera films 4K videos at 60 frames per second in its normal days. The camera is assembled with EIS stabilization, 131 feet underwater waterproofing capability, 8x optical zoom ability, and 240fps slow-motion filming. 

It offers the native resolution of the sensor to be 20 megapixels and shoot HD videos at 240fps. The camera works with voice control, when you can say “Action Start Video” or “Action Photo” to start a video or photo capture. Imagine a day when you are doing some workout and you don’t have a hand to press the capture button, or pressing would mess up with the focus point, you can always talk to your camera.

  • 4K60fps.

  • 131 feet underwater.

  • 240fps HD videos.

  • Voice Control.

3. Panasonic LUMIX Waterproof Digital Camera

Panasonic LUMIX Waterproof Digital Camera comes from the respected brand Panasonic. The camera is waterproof at up to 26 feet under, which is perfect when shooting swimming or shark videos. The camera works with Optical Image Stabilization for faster stabilizing the images, detecting motions 4000 times a second. There’s a small capacity of built-in memory, 220MB, for 34 images, which is made just in case you forgot your SD card at home

  • 220MB built-in storage.

  • 26 feet underwater proof.

  • Optical Image Stabilization.

4. Video Action Camera 4K with Wide Angle Lens HD WiFi Underwater Camera

Video Action Camera 4K with Wide Angle Lens HD WiFi Underwater Camera is another member that is priced under 200 dollars. It is able to film 30 frame per second videos at 4K resolution, 60fps videos at 1080 resolution, and 120fps videos at 720p resolution. 

The camera comes with the waterproof performance of 100ft, which is about 30 meters, for cycling, driving, diving, or surfing videos. The camera can be controlled via a remote you can wear around your wrist. There’s a mobile app that communicates with the camera using Wi-Fi signal. The EIS, time-lapse, loop recording, slow motion and pro mode are available as usual.

  • 4K@60fps

  • 30m waterproof

  • Wrist-wear remote control

5. GoPro Camera HERO7

Here comes the one from the GoPro family. The GoPro Camera HERO7 features a cool design like others in the GoPro lineups. It is tough, waterproof for all of your adventures. The screen is touchable, when you can use it to manually select a focus point, change modes, or change settings. It is compatible with voice control, saying “GoPro, start recording” or “GoPro, take a photo”. 

The sensor has the resolution of 10 megapixels, with 15 frames per second in the burst shooting mode. Finally, the GoPro Hero7 is small enough that you can put into your palm or your pocket.

  • Famous brand

  • Cool design

  • 10MP

  • Waterproof + Dustproof + Drop - Resistance


1. What about the warranty of my underwater camera?

Underwater cameras are designed to be used underwater. However, when it comes to the warranty, it might be a little tricky. Typically, cameras come with one year of warranty; however, you might need to use your camera to have it warranted. Here’s the list of cases when you might not be admitted for a warranty request:

  • To use your camera at a deeper level that it is tested

  • To drop it from higher position than the specifications

  • The camera has been taken a part

  • Use of inappropriate accessories or tools

2. How do I set up my camera?

To set up your camera when you receive it, follow these steps:

  • Put in any batteries if they’re not pre-installed.

  • Put in the additional lens if you want.

  • Open up the LCD display.

  • Turn the camera on and set to the mode you want.

  • Connect your camera to the Wi-Fi network and your mobile app to use it remotely

Be noted that all the instructions can be found in the camera’s manual, so be sure to refer to it for guides.

3. What does the f/1.7 or f/11 mean?

The f/1.7 or f/11 are the focal length of the capturing camera. To put it plainly for you, the lower the focal length is, the brighter the images, but the blurrer they are.

4. How do I maintain a good battery life for my camera?

To maintain a good battery life, there are do’s and don’ts.

Do’s are:

  • Charge and use your camera regularly.

  • Use the right kind of battery.

  • Turn off the camera if not needed.

Don’ts are:

  • Don’t let it come in contact with liquid.

  • Don’t charge your camera overnight.

  • Do not let the battery level fall too low or rise too high for a long time

5. What is digital zoom and optical zoom?

Digital zoom simply zooms in pixels digitally, which means absolutely no more information is added to the increased in size image. Optical zoom, on the other hands, works like a scope to literally move your lens closer to the object. Therefore, optical zoom is obviously more premium

Final Thoughts:

No one wants to put their cameras in danger because it would cost them a lot of money to repair or replace. Therefore, a “crash test dummy” in the camera world is used. An underwater camera costs much less, still features great functionality, and looks really cool. Below is a list of the best underwater cameras under 200.

That has wrapped up our article about the best underwater camera under 200. We hope you had a great time reading about cameras, how to choose the best of

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