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Best Gaming Mousepads to buy in May 2021

MacinSearch's reviewers and experts has collected 159,868 objective reviews from many customers and with a little help from our editor, we have ranked 17 Best Gaming Mousepads that you may be fancy. You will see some major brands such as: UtechSmart, Corsair, GGLTECK, Blade Hawks, KTRIO, AUKEY, EFISH, luxcoms, LANGTU, SteelSeries, havit, RAGZAN, Benvo, logitech G, CP3, Razer, Nexwell.

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If you are one of those who still consider the best gaming mouse pads as mere surfaces to slide a mouse around, you are wrong. the gaming mousepads have advanced to be more than that. Probably the best ones even incorporate gaming-centered highlights that are a commendable expansion to any genuine gaming framework. 

Not only the best gaming mousepads are doing their initial job perfectly but adding some tasteful features and viable highlights to your gaming zest. That incorporates everything from brilliant RGB lighting to add somewhat more style to your apparatus and remote charging capacities that can be utilized related to remote mice, to the utilization of interesting, uncommon surfaces for expanded exactness. These are something beyond a straightforward pad. 

We've gathered our top picks here to assist you with getting a standout amongst other gaming mouse stacks of 2021. 

Buying Guides:

Gaming mouse pads help improve following and give you more command over mouse development. Other than that, they can assist you with accomplishing pixel-exact shots when gaming, permitting you to pulverize your opposition. 

Nonetheless, in case you're new to PC gaming, it very well may be hard to pick the correct gaming mousepad if you don't have a clue what to search for. 

Important Considerations before buying your best gaming mousepads:

In this guide, we'll take a gander at a portion of the components you need to consider before purchasing a gaming mousepad with the goal that you can settle on the best choice.

  1. Surface material: 

The surface material of mousepads is characterized as being either hard or soft. Regardless of whether to go for a soft or hard mousepad involves individual inclination. Yet, understanding the upsides and downsides of each can reveal some insight into which one you ought to get. 

Soft Mouse Pads 

Soft mousepads, additionally known as material mousepads, are made out of woven fabric texture and have a light base. Because of their material nature, they give some pad under the mouse which most clients discover agreeable to lay their wrists on. 

Another benefit arises from the foldability of the mousepad, making it simple to heft these everywhere. These soft pads likewise will in general be more exact because you get more rubbing as you coast your mouse and in this manner more control. 

What's more, you get less clamor as the mouse slides on a fabric surface when contrasted with a hard surface.

Contrasted with hard mouse pads, soft mousepads additionally increment the life expectancy of your mouse feet. Their soft surface doesn't destroy the feet of your mouse as quickly as a hard surface.

On the disadvantage, soft mousepads are more diligently clean than hard mousepads. What's more, as most texture material, they keep an eye on gathering little residue particles and other garbage particularly in the unused regions, and consequently should be cleaned from time to time. 

Even though more erosion implies more control, it additionally implies less speed when skimming your mouse. Hence, a soft mouse pad isn't for you if you need to have the option to float your mouse with speed and with as little exertion as could be expected.

Hard mouse pads

Hard mousepads are made out of smooth strong material like plastic or aluminum. They are incredible for quick-moving gaming where speed as opposed to control is a need. With hard mouse pads, next to no power is expected to skim your mouse a huge distance. 

Cleaning them is exceptionally simple, all you need is to wipe the surface with a wet fabric and afterward give it a couple of moments to dry. That is it! Their water-safe nature likewise makes them ideal for gamers whose hands will in general get sweat-soaked after delayed long periods of gaming. 

Moreover, hard mousepads function admirably with both optical and laser gaming mice. Utilizing laser gaming mice on soft mouse pads can once in a while make issues for the sensor. 

This is because laser sensors are touchy and will in general get an excessive amount of data like the impression of small strands of texture. In any case, on hard surfaces, they turn out great.

On the other side, since they are exceptionally inflexible, they can't be collapsed and conveyed effectively like soft mousepads. You additionally get a touch of clamor as your mouse floats over a hard mouse pad. Mousepads caused out of aluminum can likewise feel cold to the touch, which some gamers love yet others disdain. 

Since there's no padding material, a hard mouse pad can feel awkward or cause weakness after broadened times of gaming. Hard gaming mouse pads will likewise make your mouse feet destroy sooner than soft mousepads.

There are a couple of gaming mouse pads, for example, the Corsair MM1000 Qi and the Logitech G PowerPlay give something beyond an enhanced surface for gaming. 

2. Wireless Charging :

Some mousepads currently accompany remote charging capacity that permits you to charge your remote gaming mouse as well as other remote gadgets, for example, cell phones also. This way you don't need to stress over your gaming mouse's battery life. Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad is ultra-thin and has remote charging available.

3. RGB Lighting:

Assuming you are a major aficionado of RGB lighting, you can get a gaming mouse pad with this element. It permits you to coordinate with RGB lighting tones and impacts with your other gaming peripherals like your mouse and console. Corsair MM300 is a very good choice.

4. USB Passthrough:

Current mousepads additionally accompany an underlying USB go through that permits you to connect your wired gaming mouse nearer to your mouse pad. The USB ports can likewise be utilized to interface different peripherals like sign connectors. 

Different additional items you may get with your gaming mouse pad remember the capacity to have altered game craftsmanship for the surface, wrist rests, and water opposition.

5. Finishing at the edges:

With no sort of sewing on the edges of fabric mousepads, they will generally begin to shred after broadened use or a few washes. This can lessen the life expectancy of your mouse pad and make your work area look messy. 

Thus, on the off chance that you decide to get a delicate mouse pad, guarantee it has sewed edges that will forestall fraying. The edges of hard mousepads ought to likewise have a smooth to forestall destroying and scratches to your wrists. JIALONG Gaming Mouse Pad is a good option.


Q: Which mouse pad is best for gaming? 

A: The best gaming mouse pad for most clients is Corsair MM600. But if you are looking for a low-cost mouse pad, SteelSeries QcK is made for you! Cooler Master MP510 is worth buying due to the variety it offers in all shapes and sizes. 

Q: Are hard mousepads better for gaming? 

A: Most gaming mousepads are made of delicate material, yet a few players (and some mouse sensors) incline toward a hard surface. If you incline toward your mousepads to have somewhat more grating than less expensive fabric models, the Logitech G440 is a decent decision from a confided producer. 

Q: What is low dpi gaming? 

A: A high DPI implies that little developments will move the cursor rapidly, though a low DPI requires the mouse to head out further to cover a similar distance on screen. You can set the DPI on your mouse utilizing its committed programming, though in-game affectability just applies to a particular game. 

Q: Do mousepads improve points? 

A: It relies upon the surface, by and large, yes there is an improvement. Optical mice will in general work better against non-intelligent surfaces with predictable surfaces. Utilizing a mouse on a hard surface can be challenging for the wrist, which can influence execution. A pad can make it more agreeable to utilize a mouse for more. 

Q: For what reason do master gamers utilize 400 DPI? 

A: It's simpler to consider the spots pixels that the mouse interprets development into. If a player moves his mouse one inch at 400 DPI, insofar as mouse speed increase is incapacitated and their Window's settings are default, the crosshair will move precisely 400 pixels.


Final Thoughts:

Until now, you must have gotten an idea of how important the best gaming mousepad is in your performance. Now, let us finalize our review by announcing the winner of our list. The best value in low price mousepads is Corsair MM600  and deserves to be the winner. It offers significantly more adaptability than its more expensive kin. This twofold-sided mouse cushion stays securely set up with elastic plugs on each corner so your mouse moves and not your mouse cushion. 

The MM600 is likewise made of aluminum and highlights a low-contact surface that will support your reaction times in-game. It offers huge surface space and possesses a low grating surface.

The runner-up on our list is Cooler Master MP510. This mouse pad provides you a great variety of sizes, starting from the smallest size pad to fit any desk to a biggest size pad capable of covering the vast deskspace. It’s fabricated by the most long lasting Cordura, whose surface is streamlined for high-exactness and smooth control.

No doubt, Razer Sphex v2   is worth declaring as the best gaming mouse pad due to its ultra meager – not exactly a large portion of a millimeter in stature. Despite its slender profile, the polycarbonate surface is solid and upgraded for laser or optical gaming mouse control. 

Finally, you got the best advice on buying your next best gaming mouse pad and rocket your victory to the next destination. Following the pro gamer’s norms, you should never ignore the role of the best mousepad and should go ahead to buy one of these.

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